Dandy Wahols

Thanks for clicking thru! Please take a moment to fill out the sign up below and you'll receive an email with links to download either the art elements for Mis Amigos in a png file or the audio stems for Mis Amigos as mp3s, OR BOTH!

We're looking for remixes of both the art and audio by Feb 1 2009. The band will choose their favorite remix or remixes as well as art work and we'll update the widget that brought you to this page as well as feature the best of the best on www.myspace.com/dandywarhols.

In the end the band will choose one remix of the audio and one remix of the art. The winning audio remix will be awarded a one time 12" white label vinyl pressing signed by the band. The winning art remix will receive a framed 12" print of their art signed by the band.

That's about that, so godspeed.


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